Certificate Based Authentication

Digital Certificate-based Authentication Solutions

Digital certificates remain the most effective form of authentication which is why Odyssey provides the option for certificate-based authentication with all of its products.

While being a relatively expensive authentication system to implement, digital certificate-based authentication can be cost-effective in the long run by cutting down on losses due to security incidents.

Odyssey Snorkel-Tx

Protecting your high-value applications should not involve tedious source-code integration. Nor should it involve application-specific solutions that add to both the cost and inconvenience. That is why, Odyssey’s digital certificate solutions for authentication needs no integration and sports a robust plug-configure-play model of implementation. Odyssey’s certificate-based authentication solution is part of the Snorkel-TX security gateway server.
A single instance of Snorkel-TX can protect multiple web applications, and is even capable of Single-SignOn for end-user convenience.