Certificate Validation

Certificate Validation

Odyssey’s CerTrust provides the much required validation solutions for any enterprise. It is a comprehensive
validation solution for managing digital certificates.

With the proliferating e-threat environment, the security awareness and the need for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) based security solutions is growing rapidly among corporate customers, e-consumers and others. Digital certificates are widely used in a PKI enabled environment for comprehensive security solution.

Before digital certificates are used to provide security, they themselves should be validated first.

CerTrust Includes

  • OCSP (online certificate status protocol) Responder for providing real-time certificate status.
  • A messenger for downloading and posting revocation information.
  • APIs for integration with custom applications.

OCSP server responds to the relying party about certificate status. The response provided is always digitally signed according to the request-response
packet format by ASN, RFC 2560.

Business Benefits

  • Provides an easy-to-use interface and web-based administration.
  • Provides revocation status information more frequently than CRLs, which provide only periodic updates.
  • Collects and updates CRLs from different CA servers; thus the devices within the network can rely on the OCSP server to check the certificate status without retrieving and catching each CRL for every device.
  • Ensures a reliable PKI- based validation service for managing digital certificates.

Key Features

  • Strong two-factor authentication.
  • Channel Security.
  • Fine-grained access control.
  • Digital signatures for transaction security.
  • Comprehensive audit trail and reporting.

Certrix Suite

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Odyssey CerTrust is a certificate validation solution that provides enterprise applications with a reliable way to validate certificates presented to them.

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