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Certrix is a Certifying Authority server software meeting all the relevant standards and regulatory requirements.

Certification Authorities are entities that issue and manage digital certificates. A digital certificate contains the public key and identity information of its owner. Certification authorities digitally sign certificates that they issue, using their private key to impart authenticity to digital certificates.  Certification Authorities form the backbone of Public Key Infrastructure(PKI), a framework for securing E-commerce applications.

If the security of a Certification Authority is compromised, it will result in the breakdown of the entire PKI system and consequently the online transactions and contracts that rely on them.Given the importance of issuing and managing digital certificates effectively, it is critical for Trusted Third Parties and enterprises to implement a fully secure and reliable Certification Authority to protect the security of their clients.

Odyssey Certrix

Odyssey Certrix is an all standards compliant, fully scalable, policy driven CA server with support for commercial strength RSA, DSA and DH keys. Certificates generated by Certrix comply with X.509 V3 standards.

Whether you are a trusted third party or an enterprise seeking to secure your web applications with PKI, the CA server becomes part of your critical infrastructure. Certrix is designed to be robust and sturdy to manage high demands typically seen by Trusted Third Parties, but can also be configured to suit enterprise needs.

Deploying a trusted and reliable Certification Authority enables organizations and enterprises to:

Conduct B to C and B to B transactions securely

Digitally sign electronic documents

Secure communication channels

Secure access to web applications on the Internet and Intranet

Certrix Suite

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