A comprehensive cryptographic toolkit for protecting your web applications
quickly and efficiently!

Enable secure electronic transactions for core banking !

Odyssey CryptoMagic is a comprehensive cryptographic tool kit to enable applications with PKI capabilities.

Cryptography is the fundamental building block of security. Unfortunately, building cryptographic functionality from scratch for every application is a daunting task. A reliable and strong cryptographic toolkit like CryptoMagic provides the developer with implementations of all standard cryptographic protocols, thus enabling fast and easy integration of cryptographic functionality into the application.

CryptoMagic can be used in ‘C’ and Java environments and provides an easy interface for integrating cryptographic functions into both legacy and modern web applications. The library empowers developers to provide a high level of assurance for Enterprise web applications while allowing for flexibility, high performance, and optimal memory usage.

Business Benefits

  • Multiple levels of function granularity to suit application needs.
  • Easy to use API for integration with applications.
  • Ideal for fast prototyping of new application concepts.
  • Well-suited for developers for learning cryptographic concepts and programming.

Feature Highlights

Support for implementing symmetric cryptographic algorithms including DES, 3DES, AES, ARC2, and ARC4.

Support for implementing asymmetric cryptographic algorithms including RSA, SecretShare.

Support for SHA1, SHA2 (224 and 256 bit keys), MD5, and HMAC.

Support for implementing PKI protocols including PKCS #1, PKCS #10, X.509, PKCS #7, and PKCS #12.

Support for basic mathematical functions, number system conversions, Base64 encoding and decoding.

Support for packing CSR and Cryptographic Key.

Support for key splitting and sharing.

Optimized for efficient memory usage and performance.

Library includes chainable utilities for testing functions and algorithms.

Support for file splitting.