Exporters and Importers file their compliance documents through the website of Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). Some of these need to be digitally signed by them using a DSC.

The following pre-requisites have to be met before using DSC on this site.

  • Install drivers for the brand of the DSC Token
  • Install emBridge, the digital signature utility stipulated by the DGFT siteOnly administrator with full access privileges can install this utility

Some users face problems with browser proxy configuration for accessing the utility. Antivirus conflicts also are known to interfere with its working. The digital signature utility may have dependency on specific .NET runtime libraries, forcing users to dedicate a system with all components pre-installed and left undisturbed.

The difference

xorkeesign removes these pains at one go by doing away with these portal-specific requirements.

It now becomes three simple steps for using DSC in any of the supported portals

Downloadxorkee app in your windows/ Mac/ Linux system and get a xorkee handle for your DSC
Add ‘xorkeesign India G2C’ extension to your browser
Subscribe to xorkeesign (you can purchase directly from UPI or from Odyssey partners)
01.Where can xorkeesign help?
  • Registration of DSC in the DGFT portal
  • Modify IEC
  • Apply for Certificate of Origin (coo.dgft.gov.in)
The xorkee infrastructure enables DSC token usage in Android and iPhone as well. When the signer is travelling, a consultant or an assistant can upload the files and the signer can sign from wherever he is by connecting his token to his phone or laptop.
You would not miss any deadline!
02.How does xorkeesign work?
Whenever DSC is required for signing, connect your DSC token to your PC or phone where xorkee app is installed. You would receive a notification on that device. Enter the token password; and you are done.