Core Banking Solutions

Protect your Core Banking applications from transaction frauds
and identity thefts.

Enable secure Electronic Transactions  for Core Banking !

Transactions occurring between the networked branches of most banks are prime targets for security attacks. Given the high value of transactions and increasing frequency of identity theft, having only passwords and SSL-based security are often inadequate.

Enabling security for your core banking services can be challenging. Whether you are using legacy core banking solutions or more modern, well documented and customized solutions, integrating new security features to protect your core banking services can be time-consuming, costly, and frustrating. In fact, the disadvantages of investing in an integrated security solution can extend beyond time and cost factors.

Odyssey Snorkel

Odyssey’s Snorkel suite of products provides core banking applications with a comprehensive set of security functionality required to protect the applications from transaction frauds.

With strong two-factor authentication, channel security, page-level access control, digital signature functionality and transaction integrity, Snorkel provides a truly comprehensive and cost-effective solution that can be deployed plug-configure-play style to instantaneously enable security.

What is more, you can now enjoy the conveniences of a centralized security gateway without losing control over your data and information.

Business Benefits

  • Snorkel can be deployed regardless of application architecture, server platform, and OS. Supports all core banking applications including Finacle, BaNCS, QUARTZ, Quartz Securities, Quartz Payments, e-Portfolio, Flexcube, Microbanker, Finware, Polaris Intellect Suite, SAP, Fidelity, KASTLE, FinCraft, and others.
  • The rest of the IT infrastructure including the core banking applications, databases, and web servers can evolve unhindered, to accommodate changes in business requirements. All changes and upgrades to the IT infrastructure can be accommodated by making simple configuration changes in Snorkel.
  • Enables uniform security across all transacting entities including banks, ATMs, and payment systems and eliminates weak links in the chain.
  • Provides a centralized security gateway for discrete banking applications.
  • Improves application server performance by offloading processor-intensive SSL and other cryptographic operations.
  • Provides load balancing if multiple application servers are involved.
  • Allows new security features to be added in the future by making only simple configuration changes in Snorkel.
  • No variable or hidden costs involved.

Feature Highlights

Strong two-factor authentication using digital

Policy-based, page level access control.

Mutually authenticated SSL V3/ TLS for channel  security

All administrator activities signed and archived for

Digital signature capabilities for transaction security.

Efficient signature verification, archival, and reporting.

Secure, web-based, tiered administration.

Policy-based administrator and user management.

Built-in certification authority for cost-effective
certificate distribution.