Corporate Banking

Protect your corporate clients from identity thefts and transaction frauds.
Implement secure banking.

With an enviable clientele comprising of enterprises, financial institutions, government agencies, and wealthy individuals, there is no room for compromises in security. But how do you ensure reliable and uniform security when your clients use a variety of ERP solutions for interacting with your corporate banking application ?

Fortunately, Odyssey has a ‘One Solution Fits All’ product that can not only provide uniform security across all your corporate banking clients, but can also be deployed without changing the way your banking application works.

You can now provide a variety of corporate banking services including payment of suppliers and vendors, salary uploads, cheque disbursals, tax returns, etc. without having to worry about transaction frauds or identity thefts.

Odyssey Snorkel

Odyssey’s Snorkel line of products has been the solution of choice for protecting corporate web services, thanks to the solution’s flexibility and ease of deployment.

Since corporate ERP solutions make it possible for enterprises to automate their interactions with the bank, almost all corporate banking services involve server-to-server communication. Snorkel is deployed as a security gateway for corporate banking applications as well as for clients’ ERP solutions that interface with the banking applications, so that a secure channel of communication is established between the two Snorkel servers.

Business Benefits

  • Deploy comprehensive security without making changes to banking applications, or disrupting regular business.
  • Provide centralized security to multiple banking applications, and decrease total cost of security.
  • Protect banking applications regardless of application type, vendor, or platform. Supports all banking applications including iFlex, Finacle,
    TCS BaNCS, SAP, TEMENOS CoreBanking, Globus, Fidelity Corebank, Kordoba, and others.
  • Enable customers to transact securely with the bank, irrespective of application type used by the customer for process automation.
  • Scale banking operations confidently, without compromising Security.
  • Allows new security features to be added in the future by making only simple configuration changes in Snorkel.
  • Enable an agile IT environment that can rise to meet changing business needs.
  • Assure your customers of world-class banking security.

Feature Highlights

Support for multiple factors of authentication for clients including One Time Passwords and certificate-based authentication.

Built-in certification authority for creating and issuing X.509 certificates. Cost-effective compared to buying certificates from trusted third parties (TTPs).

Secure end-to-end communication using SSL V3/TLS, with server and client authentication.

Fine-grained, policy-based, page-level access control.

Digital signing and verification of all corporate banking transactions.

Policy driven, multi-tiered administration.

Secure web-based administration with strong two factor authentication .

Signing and archival of all administrator activities for accountability.

High availability with options for hot and cold standby.