Desktop Solutions

AltaSigna desktop is a PKI enabled digital signature framework that allows signing and encryption of electronic documents that are used within an organization.

It is aimed at desktop applications and enables organizations to meet their signature needs under various scenarios.

Business Benefits

  • Provides a simple and intuitive interface, therefore easy to use and manage.
  • Enables secure and seamless dissemination of documents.
  • Saves cost on printing, couriering and human resource.
  • Reduces storage space for paper documents and improves operational efficiency.

Features Highlights

Enables you to digitally sign almost any electronic document from Windows Explorer and also provides an interface to view the document contents before signing. The digital signature feature ensures ownership and assures the viewer of document authenticity.

Enables encryption of sensitive and confidential documents with a password or a digital certificate and thus makes your documents secure from unauthorized viewers.

Enables you to choose a unique signature image and place it on the desired part of the PDF to sign the document.

Enables bulk document dispatch and supports delivery of documents by email or to a specific folder on the network.