Odyssey Epic, streamlines the whole data collection and aggregation process, thus helping financial institutions and other enterprises manage their sales force, field agents, data acquisition, forms submission and back-end processing efficiently.

Odyssey Epic is a revolutionary mobile application that enables business agents to collect and aggregate field data from clients effortlessly and integrate the same into the corporate workflow, securely via GPRS Field agents from various industries like banking, insurance, mortgage, credit cards etc. often have to carry and maintain a fair amount of paper-work for customer-related operations. Depending on the industry, these operations can include anything from customer enrollment to KYC compliance, insurance underwriting, bill collections, mortgage calculation, loan negotiations etc.


In addition to the paper work involved during customer interaction, the manual labour involved in integrating the collected data and documentation into the business workflow can be daunting.

How does Epic Work?

Odyssey Epic consists of both a server and client component. The server component enables enterprises to manage agent enrollment and registration, job assignments, data authentication, and workflow integration.

Additionally, the server also supports hierarchical approval of jobs performed by the agents, as well tracking of agent location and productivity.

Agents registered with the Epic server are assigned a cryptographic key pair for digitally signing the data from their mobile phones before uploading to the server.

Depending on the job assignment, the electronic forms used for field data acquisition can be customized and downloaded directly to the agent’s mobile phone where the Epic client application is installed.

When a user meets with the customer, he or she will be able to enter the relevant customer details in the appropriate forms. KYC norms generally require agents to verify customer documents like identity cards, birth certificates, degree certificates, etc.

Epic makes KYC compliance easier by enabling the agent to capture the document contents and store the images on their smart phone. This precludes the agents from having to make copies of the customer’s documents. If necessary, the agents can also capture photographs of the clients.

The data collected this way can be aggregated into a single PDF file and integrated with the corporate workflow through GPRS. Since Epic enables the agents to digitally sign the PDF files before uploading, the documents are authenticated

Business Benefit

  • Quick and accurate integration of acquired data into back-end work-flow applications
  • Cost-effective for large-scale data acquisition and form submission due to reduced logistics, transportation, paper and data-entry
  • Real-time processing of credit applications and customer enrollments
  • Low cost of KYC compliance
  • Increased security due to the use of PKI technology for privacy and accountability
  • Improved productivity and turn-around time due to accelerated processing of applications

Epic Server – Feature Highlights

Secure remote administration of EPIC server

Tiered administrator and user registration

Automated job assignments to field agents

Hierarchical level approval and report management

Strong two-factor authentication

Reliable access control

Comprehensive audit trail and reporting

Intuitive interface with graphical representation of sales report

Agent location tracking using Open Street Maps including tracking of current location, route taken and total distance traveled by any agent

Native certificate issuance engine for managing identities of field agents

Automatic certificate renewal upon expiration for field agents

Push and pull any data from back-end databases (Oracle / Sql Server)

Epic Client – Feature Highlights

Easy and intuitive client-side Interface

Option for real-time form data validation

No need for Internet Connectivity except while downloading or uploading forms

PKCS12 file based signing which eliminates the need to have smart cards in mobile phone

PKI-based transaction security

Support for multiple platforms