Terminal Line Encryption

Snorkel-TLE is a powerful Terminal Line Encryption Server for protecting payment data passing through acquirer networks.

Why is terminal line encryption important?

The terminal line between POS terminals and acquirer network is often unencrypted, leaving sensitive credit and debit card data exposed to wire-tapping attacks.

Encryption of the terminal line can be achieved by integrating encryption modules with the acquirer’s base24 switch. Unfortunately, this is not always possible due to restrictions from the base24 switch provider and card associations. Even if it were, integration is a painstaking endeavour.

Odyssey Snorkel-TLE

Snorkel-TLE resides between the POS terminal and acquirer base24-EPS payment engine if the cardholder data is transmitted through GPRS. Otherwise, the server fits between the PSTN modem and base24-EPS payment engine. This way, all communication between the base24 switch and the POS terminal is encrypted and remains secure.

Business Benefits

  • Protection against wire-tapping of terminal lines and consequent credit card frauds.
  • Reduced penalty(from card associations) and indirect costs(merchant chargeback) incurred due to transaction frauds.
  • Increased merchant accounts leading to higher revenue, through competitive advantage gained by better security management between POS and acquirer network.
  • No inspection or logging of card-holder data at any time by Snorkel TLE.
  • Quick and cost-effective plug-configure-play deployment. No modification necessary to the base24 switch at the acquirer host.
  • Cost-effective due to absence of external RDBMS and third-party encryption libraries.

Key Features

  • Secure encryption key exchange between Snorkel-TLE and POS terminals.
  • Optional HSM support for tamper-evident storage of encryption keys.
  • Support for Ingenico payment terminals. Support for other POS terminals on the way.
  • Satisfies PCI DSS Cardholder data protection requirements.
  • Compliance with the ANSI X9.24-2009 and ISO 8583 standards.

The perfect solution for YOU!

Snorkel-TLE eliminates the above challenges and offers a terminal line encryption solution that is quick and easy to deploy without disturbing the existing acquirer network set-up.

Integrate any of the popular authentication mechanisms – Digital Certificate, One Time Passwords, MPIN, Passwords, into your application with simple APIs.

Protect your POS transactions by enabling Terminal Line Encryption.

Protect your Business to Business transactions with this plug-and-play solution by enabling Digital Certificate based authentication and Digital Signature for all peer to peer communications.