Windows 2Fa Logon

Make enterprise OS Security a priority. Enable secure Two Factor
for Windows!

Windows 2FA authentication solution provides authentication to one of the most important assets of your enterprise – The Operating System.

Protecting your enterprise data from unauthorized intrusions starts at the very basics – strengthening access to the operating system. The operating system is in fact the most used application since every employee logs in on a daily basis to carry out even the simplest of work tasks. This means, having secure access control to the operating system is a priority.

Inadequate access control to the operating system can make enterprise computers vulnerable to:

  • Unintended data exposure to unauthorized persons
  • Unintended data loss
  • Intentional snooping by insiders
  • Industrial espionage
  • Unauthorized data and system tampering
  • Denial of service attacks
  • Worms, viruses, and other malware
  • Policy and compliance violations

Odyssey’s two factor authentication

This solution for Windows systems ensures that users are authenticated securely into their PCs using the most powerful authentication technology available today – certificate-based authentication, combined with the most intuitive and easy-to-use login user interface.

The solution comes with robust certificate issuance and management features as well as extensive logging and reporting features for audit trail and compliance.

With support of authentication using one time passwords, as well as using domain controller, the solution provides users a myriad choice of authentication mechanisms, based on the level of security required.

Business Benefits

  • Protection from accidental data exposure and data loss caused by unauthorized access to user accounts.
  • Secure access control to regulate entry to the operating system and prevent unauthorized tampering.
  • Customized and intuitive login interface to enhance user experience.
  • Secure web-based interface for easy administration, and user management.
  • Extensive reporting for managing accountability and compliance.
  • No need for painful integration. Server deployed quickly and efficiently in a zero-touch manner.
  • Quick and easy client-side installation.

Feature Highlights

Built-in certificate issuance and management module.

Support for third-party certificates.

Strong certificate-based user authentication using smart cards / crypto tokens.

Choice of authentication mechanism including certificates and domain logon.

Options for policy-based administration and user management

Authentication from local store in the absence of network connection

Certificate and certificate chain verification

Support for one time password (OTP) authentication