India G2C

Enjoy a simple and seamless digital signature experience

Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) with USB Token is the default option to sign documents or forms in many portals of Government of India. These portals have dependencies such as installation of token drivers, web service applications, specific version of Java, etc. Signing on these portals may not be supported in all versions of browsers and Operating Systems, forcing you to maintain decade old browsers on your computer.

xorkeesign removes these pains at one go by doing away with these portal-specific requirements.

It now becomes three simple steps for using DSC in any of the supported portals

Downloadxorkee app in your windows/ Mac/ Linux system and get a xorkee handle for your DSC
Add ‘xorkeesign India G2C’ extension to your browser
Subscribe to xorkeesign (you can purchase directly from UPI or from Odyssey partners)

Portals Supported by

Free Usage

The browser extension can be used in any of these portals.

When a supported portal requires a digital signature, the extension sends a xorkee notification to the PC/phone where your DSC token is connected. You are prompted to enter the USB token password.

It is that simple!

If you have multiple DSCs, get a xorkee handle for each of them. Connect the DSC token registered with the portal you are accessing.

This experience is uniform across all the portals.

A trial period of 30 days is offered to experience xorkeesign. At the end of this period, you can either subscribe or continue using it free by choosing the free option.


Subscribe to xokeesign to avail these services:

  • use browser extension in all free portals
  • use browser extension in any of the paid portals listed here
  • use portal to sign PDF/XML/any file and many other features 

The subscription is applicable for one DSC. You can use your DSC for unlimited signing.

₹600 +GST
₹2400 +GST