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Enjoy a simple and seamless digital signature experience

Many of the Indian Government portals support the use of Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) to digitally sign filings and submissions . The tax payers can e-verify their returns in the Income Tax portal, businesses can sign their GST returns in the GST portal, EPFO portal lets the users sign their PF claims, etc. Each of these portals has its dependencies such as the users should have installed token drivers, specific web service applications, Java, etc. Often these applications come in varying versions and cause conflicts when installed in the same system.

Several other Government and quasi-Government portals offer tendering features for Government procurement. The bidders on these sites are expected to digitally sign the bid documents and face problems similar to that of tax payers and EPF contributors. If the problems are more severe in procurement as bidders work on extremely short timelines and a technical hiccup can end up in failure to file the bid in time leading to commercial losses.

xorkee users have a simpler alternative. All it takes is a browser extension and the xorkee app.

If you have not done so already, you can Add the xorkeesign India G2C browser extension from within Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers on your Windows, Mac and Ubuntu systems.

The xorkee app can be downloaded Here for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu systems. Android users can get it from the play store. Scan the code on the side to download the xorkee app to your Android phone.

A screen-guided installation helps you to register your DSC token with xorkee. If your DSC token is already registered on any PC, you don’t have to do it again.

If you need further information on the process, refer to the installation videos.

xorkeesign browser extension stays invisible until you visit the Income Tax, GST, MCA EPFO or TRACES portals. If you choose DSC based filing the xorkeesign browser extension silently sends a signature request to the xorkee app wherever your DSC token is plugged-in, on the same PC or on your smart phone a thousand miles away.

The browser extension for IT, GST and MCA portals are free for users. Bidders on eProcurement sites are required to pay a modest subscription.

Why xorkeesign

xorkeesign lets you to do away with lots of complexity in Tax and PF signing.

There is no need for Java, emBridge, emSigner, token drivers or admin privileges. You don’t need to do browser acrobatics like opening a new tab and configuring a port every time or downgrade your browser to an earlier version.

Due to the mobility xorkeesign offers, busy executives can remotely sign their returns and save time as they won’t be tied down by the complex pre-requisites of the tax portals.

xorkeesign also supports registration of your DSC on these portals without having to share your token or its password with anyone or any website.

For a consultant xorkeesign increases the productivity substantially. He can simply prepare and file the returns and the xorkeesign browser extension will automatically request the signature from the right clients’ DSC tokens wherever they are.

Tax and HR departments can prepare and file returns and PF claims even when the signatory is away from the office. xorkeesign ensures his signature is there on the documents as seamlessly as if he were sitting in the office.

In all this the DSC token firmly remains in the possession of the owner.

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