Internet Banking

Providing a Safe Transaction environment for your customers is key to encouraging them to use online banking services.

A comprehensive security system should be able to protect your infrastructure as well as your customers, without compromising the usability of the services or incurring huge costs in terms of time, effort and money for implementation and maintenance. Unfortunately, this can be a challenge because:

Many e-security solutions for the banking domain are seldom available in a comprehensive package. Isolated solutions can increase your total cost of security and also burden your IT team in terms of maintenance.

Solutions that need integration with your web applications lock down your infrastructure in terms of hardware and software platform, making it very expensive to make changes or upgrades to meet new business needs.

Odyssey Snorkel

Odyssey Snorkel is a powerful and comprehensive e-security solution that can be deployed plug-configure-play style, without disturbing any of your existing infrastructure or organizational processes.

In fact, the solution works with any internet banking application, regardless of vendor, hardware or software platform, and therefore flexible enough to allow changes to your web application or database to meet changing business needs.

You can now confidently assure customers to adopt online banking, without having to worry about identity thefts and transaction frauds.

Business Benefits

  • Take preemptive action for protecting customers’ assets against identity thefts.
  • Prevent financial losses due to identity thefts and transaction frauds.
  • Increase adoption of online services by providing customers with a safe transaction environment.
  • Scale your web services confidently without worrying about security.
  • Improve application performance by offloading security to a separate security server.
  • Keep up with implementing the latest security features without requiring changes to the application code-base.
  • Make changes and updates to the IT infrastructure without compromising security.
  • Strike the perfect balance between usability and security, based on the risk profile.

Feature Highlights

Multiple factors of authentication including software OTPs, token-based OTPs, SMS OTPs, mobile OTPs, and digital certificates.

Support for phased migration of users to specific authentication models.

Digital signing capabilities for all transactions including fund transfers, check payments, bill payments, account openings, loan applications, loan payments etc.

Page-level access control for restricting user access to specific services.

Verification and archival of signed transactions for potential dispute resolutions.

Secure communication channel with mutually authenticated SSL V3/TLS.

Secure web-based administration.

Policy-based users and administrator management.

All administrator activity signed and archived for accountability.