Secure Document Delivery

AltaSigna Enterprise is a high-volume document creation, signing and distribution application.

Bulk document distribution is a necessary process across many industries including banking, finance, broking, insurance, etc., for sending account status information to clients.

When the distribution is paper-based, the process of printing the documents, addressing and mailing them becomes very costly and tedious.

Often, it takes days to send out a particular batch of communication through the postal system, and even more time to take care of returned mails.

AltaSigna is a PKI-based, fully standards compliant, secure document distribution server that facilitates electronic document creation, digital signing, encryption, and distribution.

AltaSigna enables businesses, irrespective of industry, to move to an electronic document distribution system wherein the business will be able to create documents, digitally sign them, encrypt them and dispatch them without the need for making changes to the business’ existing infrastructure.

Sample financial documents digitally signed by Odyssey AltaSigna

Business Benefits

  • Realize up to 90% reduction in cost of paper and postage in the first year and up to 95% cost reduction in subsequent years. AltaSigna enables you to make a smooth transition from paper-based document delivery to electronic document delivery, cost-effectively.
  • Instantly PKI-enable outbound electronic communications by introducing digital signature and encryption functionality to e-documents. Ensure non-repudiation and privacy of information essential for sensitive business communications.
  • No need for integration of the solution with the existing IT infrastructure. The solution is plugged into the network and configured to accept data from existing data sources including databases. Often, the installation process itself takes no more than a day.
  • Scale from digitally signing and delivering a few hundred document pages to millions of document pages in an hour. Ideal for both small and medium businesses as well as large enterprises.
  • Enjoy unparalleled customization options for document formatting. AltaSigna enables you to create any and all kinds of documents used across multiple industries including banking, finance, broking, insurance, education, health care etc.
  • No need for the document recipients to install any software at their end in order to view the documents. The documents are created in the well-known PDF format which natively supports verification of digital signatures as well as the decryption.
  • Upload e-documents to a web server in addition to e-mailing them to the recipient.
  • Interleave marketing literature within regular outbound communications to specific target markets for cross-selling purposes. Ideal for introducing new products to existing customers.
  • Manage bounced mails by getting timely warnings of delivery failures, and automated e-mail resend features. AltaSigna’s ‘bounce mail management’ feature allows you to handle time sensitive communications with ease.
  • Manage inflow of documents from customers and deconstruct the same for use by upstream applications automatically.
  • Assure document recipients of its authenticity, and protect them from falling victim of potential phishing attacks.
  • Comply with regulations by meeting data privacy and integrity standards as well as ensuring timely communication with customers.

Features Highlights

Deploying AltaSigna is easy, quick and efficient!

Simple Plug-Configure-Play Deployment.

No changes to the existing application set-up.

Quick deployment in the order of a few man days.

Post-deployment changes to application set-up / environment easily accommodated.

No client-side installation.