xorkee Service

A framework to orchestrate authentication, digital signatures, encryption and privacy protection across all applications

xorkee is a framework that simplifies public key based authentication and digital signatures for users and service providers alike. xorkee framework consists of a core service offered by Odyssey and xorkee client applications for Microsoft Windows enabled PCs, Macs, Ubuntu, iPhones and Android phones.
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Crypto tokens on mobiles
-A global first

No token drivers on the PCs or mobiles

Uniform signing interface across applications

Service providers can use the service to enable public key authentication for their users in a way that minimizes the cost and efforts without needing any complex skill sets. They can also let their users to digitally sign documents, web forms, transaction requests and the like. They can use it to take up the security of their network servers several notches.

Users get to keep a single authentication factor for all the applications they interact with instead of the dozens of passwords they use today. No more anxious waiting for OTPs when trying to book that important ticket or putting through that all-important trade.

Unlike other models, xorkee does not tie down the key and digital certificate in a token to a well prepared PC. User can now use the tokens on mobile phones and PCs without any token drivers. xorkee also lets the users digitally sign documents by simply right clicking on their desktop icons. Most importantly xorkee provides a single interface for signing regardless of the application. An almost flat learning curve!
xorkee dispels the myth that public key infrastructure (PKI) is difficult to implement and use.

Employing a sophisticated key routing mechanism, xorkee isolates the authentication from the transactional data and channels. This is a game changing moment for security much like the control plane-data plane separation for networking. This opens up a large possibility space for securing applications and users in these days of massive identity thefts and myriad frauds that await the unsuspecting user around every corner.

xorkee service is free for end users who can simply download the mobile apps or PC/Mac application and automatically enrol into the service. If the user already has a key pair or a digital certificate in his crypto-token he can continue to use it through xorkee. If not a key pair will be created for the user in a secure area of the phone or a new token on the PC.

Service providers needing to authenticate their users can deploy Odyssey Snorkel which comes pre-integrated with xorkee or use xorkeeauth services. Providers wanting their users to digitally sign documents can subscribe to xorkeesign service. Enterprises that need to secure their server access can also subscribe to xorkeesign in combination with the freely downloadable Putty-xKey. The Service provider’s applications can talk to all of these by a simple REST or SOAP interface of their choice. Small groups and individual users can access authentication or digital signature services through xorkeeauth and xorkeesign services offered by Odyssey.