xorkeesign based issuance

xorkee assisted DSC issuance

xorkee makes it simple for users to procure their Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) in a USB crypto-token.

Simplified signing experience
xorkee is an universal app that works with all brands of tokens and the user is spared the agony of choosing the right token driver, downloading and installing it in every system he uses.
The users can simply plug their tokens into any PC or Mac with just xorkee app installed and start using it for signing.
DSC tokens on mobile phones
A much bigger benefit is the ability to connect the tokens to Android mobiles. With an USB adapter (which comes standard with most Android smart phones these days) a DSC token can be plugged into the mobile with the xorkee app.
All signatures can now be done from the phone itself – making the signer truly mobile.
xorkee applications
Signing documents, mail attachments and authenticating for internet banking or eCommerce transactions can now be done with the highest level of security. xorkee enabled applications like Odyssey Snorkel and Odyssey AltaSigna as well as Odyssey hosted services like xorkeesign and xorkeeauth facilitate these.
xorkee makes it possible for users to start using their digital certificates not only for the regulated Government applications that mandate digital signatures but for those applications where the users really care about their security.
xorkee way of certificate issuance
xorkee brings the same ease to the process of digital certificate issuance for Certifying Authorities (CA). The facility is available for any Certifying Authority through a simple REST API regardless of the CA and RA software that is used.
This facility works in a manner that is transparent to the user.
Interested Certifying Authorities please contact here
xorkee experience for
Certifying Authorities