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Sign PDF / XML / text /other files
The file can be signed from xorkeesign portal by uploading to the portal or well within the local system. The signature image and position can be chosen or templatized for PDF files.
Sign PDF in multiple pages
Add any number of signatures in any style, in any number of pages.
Upload files to xorkeesign portal and sign
Use xorkeesign portal to share the documents and collaborate the signing workflow.
Sign Bulk files
Sign multiple files either one by one or at the end after queueing the required ones. Signature profile can be applied for each one of them or collectively.
Style your signatures
Create your signature profile – sign only with initials or with your name and selected fields or an elaborate signature with a logo, company name, designation, etc.
Pre-mark signature positions
Mark the signature positions, styles and names beforehand. Signing such documents takes a single click and is completely error free.
Create document profiles
Each document type can be pre-formatted for who has to sign and where. While signing any such files select the profile to automate signature appearances.
Verify signed PDF / XML / text / other files
Verify the signed file by right clicking or loading in xorkeesign portal. It is simple and super quick.
Right click and Sign from Windows File Explorer
If you have files in your PC, signing can never be this easy. Install xorkee wand and just right click on the file or folder.
Digitally sign in various Govt. Portals
Install ‘xorkeesign India G2C’ browser extension and use your DSC to sign on many Government portals.
Free for : IT, MCA, GST, TRACES, EPFO Subscribe and use in: eProcurement, DGFT, ICEGATE
These sites ask you to install token drivers, signing tools, other software like Java, .NET, etc. They may limit you to use specific version of Internet Browsers. xorkee users may ignore all that and still sign.
Integrate API in your applications
Extend xorkeesign benefits to your users by integrating API in your applications.
Empower employees to sign with a smart phone
If your organization or a unit has a DSC, the security of digital signatures can be extended to all employees. They can digitally sign using smart phones while the document would be counter signed using the Organization DSC.
Enjoy the security
Documents are not shared or stored with xorkeesign, unless you want it to be. For xorkeesign India G2C users, the documents never leave their systems. Signing with remote access is disabled for xorkee users to protect from vulnerabilities