AltaSigna Maple

AltaSigna Maple is an automated signing and verification tool that assists banks in complying with the requirements of the NPCI’s NACH initiative.

The Signer Tool is capable of signing, verifying and PGP encryption/decryption for the NACH system and is ideal for managing electronic document workflow.


Business Benefits

  • Ideal for signing/encrypting and verifying/decrypting files by individual signatories.
  • Plug-configure-play deployment with zero downtime in business continuity.
  • Cost-effective and versatile for long-term usage amidst changing business needs.
  • Enables compliance with NPCI regulations pertaining to document signing and verification as well as PGP encryption/decryption.
  • Standards compliant.

Key Features

  • Digital Signature based on 2048 – bit RSA and SHA-2 algorithms.
  • Support for PKCS #7 and raw RSA signatures with options for custom XML tags.
  • Signature verification with option support for CRL.
  • Support for PGP encryption and decryption.
  • Support for bulk signing and verification.
  • Support for digital certificates issued by the public Certifying Authorities.
  • Support for digital Signature Store – Internet Explorer, Crypto tokens.
  • Logging and reporting system for audit trail.