xorkeesign is a feature rich, easy to use and cost effective digital signature service.

It brings digital signatures within the reach of anyone with a smart phone.
As interactions become increasingly digital the need to assure your correspondents of your identity and the integrity of your messages is critical.
Lawyer and client, citizens and courts, tax payers and taxmen – most interactions are digital and at a distance now.

Some of these have been recognized by the laws of the land as requiring such digital assurance and brought into the ambit of state-approved digital certificates, public key infrastructure and certifying authorities.

That is not adequate to meet the needs of the world that has come about in the last few years. The PKI signatures as prescribed cover only a very small gamut of the needs today.

A doctor needs to know that the report he views on his screen is from a properly qualified pathologist. A specialist should be able to rely on the identity of the primary doctor who has referred the patient to him through an email and the integrity of his observations.
A researcher should be able to submit his draft to an international publication and assure them of his bona fide affiliation with the university he is doing his research in. Students of the university should be able to apply for higher studies or jobs establishing their credentials from a distance.

xorkeesign provides for all these and a lot more through familiar and easy to use interfaces.

xorkeesign requires the user to have a key and a xorkeehandle which are absolutely free.

xorkeesign itself is free for a trial period! Try it today and find the difference it makes to your digital world.

The digital world gives you a 200MPH vehicle.

xorkeesign offers you a simple helmet!