xorkee makes the difference

Passwords have maintained their hold over the computing industry for the last five decades in spite of numerous hacks and compromises that have caused losses amounting to billions of dollars. Despite admonitions users continue to use the same passwords in multiple products, online services and mobile phones.
If we are to bring even a modicum of security to our online life, public key cryptography is the only answer.
Its greatest virtue is that the same public key can be used by the user in as many contexts and for as long as he needs without fear of compromise. The flip side is that it is too complex to remember and use, to make it a practical alternative to passwords.
xorkee changes that by making public key usage simple and convenient! Yes, simpler and more convenient than even passwords.

Income Tax returns and xorkee

Preparing your income tax returns is not a simple task and is best left to a professional. But we tend to delegate even signing that return to the practitioner by handing over our precious digital signature certificate token and its password. Perhaps because we perceive the act of preparation and signing as inseparable and on the first glance it does appear to be so.
xorkee separates tax return preparation from the signing and offers several alternatives for the tax payer to digitally sign the return by himself. The tax payer will never have to part with his DSC token. He gets the additional comfort of signing using his mobile phone from wherever he is.
This also reduces the work load for the busy practitioner substantially.

xorkee and e-Governance

With the push towards digital India more and more citizen services have been offered online and PKI enabled Digital Signatures can be used for filing GST returns, tenders with government, returns with the Ministry of Company Affairs, DGFT, Intellectual Property Office and several others.
But the signing experience is hardly uniform,requiring different software components, and forcing a varied and complex learning on the user
As most of these are legally mandated, expert help is required in preparing the information and the signer just signs it in the end.Many of the sites do not allow for this reality and expect the filing and signing to happen in the same place, at the same time.
xorkee helps you in isolating the signer’s role from that of filing and submission.The filing of the form can be done by your consultant or assistant while you sign from the comfort of your mobile phone.

Digital Signatures on the desktop

With the number of documents that require a digital signature on the increase and each signature application hell bent on teaching you a new series of steps to get your signature onto the documents, your discomfort with digital signatures is entirely justified.
But not with xorkee! With a simple component that stays invisible on your windows PC, you can now right-click on any file or folder and sign it with no further steps. xorkee senses the type of document you are trying to sign and renders the signature accordingly.
Now PDF, XML, MS Office and other special documents like Income-Tax Return can all be signed with the same mouse click.
Signing from the comfort of your desktop makes you more productive and paradoxically relaxed at the same time.

Signing PDFs

PDF is an ISO standard for documents and provides for digital signatures. The standard also provides for multiple digital signatures in a single document. PAdES extends the standard, providing long term archival.
Odyssey AltaSigna supports all of the standards and extensions for PDF signing. The integration of xorkee with AltaSigna further simplifies signing as a right-click and sign option on the desktop. The documents can also be signed using the AltaSigna web interface. With xorkee, users can sign from their mobile phones as a matter of course.
For the users who have applications built using Adobe Reader or other Adobe products, AltaSigna still brings the xorkee experience of signing from the mobile phones or another PC. We bring a truly uniform and unique experience to the end users in PDF signing.

xorkee and XML

XML is the most popular machine to machine dialect of our times. Designed as a successor to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), XML covers a wider variety of documents with dialects for business, legal, medical and other uses.
XML signature is a W3C standard facilitating authentication and accountability. While specific in its prescription, its implementation is non-trivial and has led to several deviations in practice, losing authenticity in the process.
Odyssey offers XML signatures as a simple REST API to application developers through AltaSigna and xorkee. Applications can now allow end users to sign XML from their mobile phones or desktops.
XML signing is also available to end users directly from AltaSigna web interfaces and as a simple right-click and sign option on their desktops.

Enhance MS Office document signing experience

MS office remains the most popular set of applications for users to create, exchange and archive documents, spreadsheets and presentations. In the office applications, Microsoft provides a digital signature option that confirms the authenticity and integrity of these documents.
The office applications require that a crypto-token containing the user’s key and certificate be plugged into that computer for signing. Alternately, the key should be stored in software on the computer itself.
xorkee brings the users the convenience of signing from a mobile phone or a crypto-token plugged into even a different computer. The editor of the document continues to work on the same familiar interface.

xorkee speaks SSH !

One of the biggest vectors leading to data theft is compromised server passwords. With today’s tools all passwords are susceptible to hackers, criminal teams and hostile nation-states that are always looking for an easy entry into your digital treasure. Using passwords from desktop systems make them vulnerable to every Trojan, key logger, spear phisher and numerous other malware that are constantly on the prowl.
Use xorkee to securely login to linux servers through the familiar putty interface. Get rid of your passwords and use the more secure public keys through the free putty-xKey. xorkee lets you tighten your server logins and increase convenience at the same time.

xorkee for Authentication

With increased digitalisation, users interact with more and more online services in the course of a normal day. While Internet Banking led the way, today’s online interaction consists of a plethora of E-commerce sites, eGovernance services, social networking sites and the like. The number of times an ordinary user has to authenticate himself online is reaching staggering proportions.
The industry response has been more and more passwords and One Time Passwords(OTPs). While some efforts like U2F and WebAuthn seek to break from the password model, they still suffer from the hangover of technologies past.
Odyssey Snorkel, a seasoned authentication server now comes xorkee enabled and presents the simplest, most secure, easily managed and password-free authentication to anyone with a smart phone.

Securing Emails

Hackers and spammers use email as a portal into your personal and organisational systems. One mouse click on a wrong attachment can open the door for identity thefts, financial frauds or your unwitting participation in a potentially criminal online endeavour.
With sophisticated machine learning tools, the hackers manage to perfectly emulate the style of trusted correspondents and make your part with significant sums of money with relative ease.
Using the same machine learning techniques to fight such attacks only escalates an AI arms race as both sides keep refining their tools.
It is time to do something that the hackers cannot match. Digitally sign the mails with a private key safely kept in your mobile or a crypto-token. xorkee helps you to move to a digitally signed email system without foregoing any of your present conveniences.

Expanding workflows, securely

These days organizations are spoilt for choice when it comes to their internal communications. But fixing authorship of messages is a challenge and much of the time relies entirely on various server logs. This reduces the assurance and auditability of the process.
xorkee helps in engineering user authentication and accountability into any workflow system regardless of the number of different channels the workflow uses. As each input into a stream is digitally signed by the author, the chain of signatures ensure proper historical sequence. You can even build a hash chain of all the messages to obtain benefits promised by the much discussed Blockchain model.
xorkee enabled AltaSigna offers a simple REST API to add digital signatures to your workflow process. Organizations may deploy AltaSigna in premises or avail it as a hosted service from Odyssey or other third party.