Crypta Key Crawler

Odyssey Crypta Key Crawler discovers and manages digital certificates and keys across the enterprise.

SSL certificates have become indispensable as they play a critical role in securing data over the internet. These certificates are distributed across the network and have a validity period. For administrators to manually locate and track each certificate for expiry is daunting, time-consuming, and prone to human errors. In addition, organizations also use SSH keys for securing remote servers, databases, etc. Unlike certificates, SSH keys do not have an expiry date which makes it difficult to monitor for key rotation.

Crypta Key Crawler is an automated certificate and key discovery system that consolidates certificates and keys from networks and local machines. Crawler helps in the timely renewal of certificates, which indeed lowers the likelihood of browser warnings and avoids service outages.


CSR Generation

Certificate Signing Request (CSR) can be generated with customizable user/server information such as common name, organization, country, etc. CSR for expired certificates, certificates impending expiry and for new certificates as well.

Monitor and enforce policies

Monitor the health of your certificates, track the ones that adhere to the organization’s certificate policies and ignore the unwanted certificates. You can also define lifespans for SSH keys and enforce key rotation.


Assign certificates to custodians and notify them proactively about expiry through email and SMS. Configure different types of notifications to the custodians based on the time pending for certificate/key expiry

Unified Certificate Management

Automatically scan servers to discover SSL certificates and SSH keys across specific IP addresses, IP ranges and URLs and consolidate them in a single repository.

Administrator Interface

Browser-based administrative interface to initiate and schedule periodic scans, view certificates, track upcoming certificate expiry and generate CSRs.

Key stores

Client crawler utility locates certificates from Browser stores (IE, Firefox), File system, Java key store, and key chain (Mac).

Platform independent

Local scan utility is available for Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, and Mac operating systems.