Protect User Transactions. Build Trust.

A Multi Factor Authentication server for internet banking and e-commerce applications

With increasing frequency of identity thefts, the need for reliable identity management, secure channels of communication, and robust access control mechanisms is urgent, not only for protecting  your business but also for sowing confidence among your customers. Implementing Odyssey’s transaction security solutions will help you build customer confidence as well as keep you ahead of your competition, when it comes to implementing security.

Odyssey Snorkel  provides comprehensive security coverage for a wide range of business applications used in core banking, Internet banking, manufacturing, dealer management, vendor management, SRMs, CRMs, shopping carts, payment gateways, etc. In fact, it can be deployed for protecting all types of web applications regardless of hardware platform, software platform, or functionality and vendor.

Business Benefits

  • Streamlines inflow and processing of electronic documents.
  • Eases the load on business applications by offloading resource intensive cryptographic operations.
  • Improves security through centralized management, control and auditing features cost-effectively.
  • Protects decryption keys even if the application server is compromised.
  • Authenticates incoming documents and establishes ownership by verifying digital signatures.
  • Enables validation of digital signatures even after the certificate trust chain is broken.

Key Features

  • Strong two-factor authentication.
  • Channel Security.
  • Fine-grained access control.
  • Digital signatures for transaction security.
  • Comprehensive audit trail and reporting.