xorkee enabled software for various platforms can be downloaded from here. Many of these can also be downloaded directly from the Google play store or app store

xorkee for Android
Lets you digitally sign or decrypt from the convenience of your Android mobile phone. The app works with USB crypto-tokens with appropriate OTG connectors or with the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) natively available in all modern android OS versions.
Checksum : 31e4711e9191f2cc3857d6794ac22bfa
xorkee for Windows
A background application that lets users interact with xorkee key-routing services for digital signatures and private key decryption. The application connects to most USB crypto tokens without vendor-specific drivers. An incomparable utility to ease all your PKI operations.
Checksum : d2c909840e107f7867041842a5a46fd6
xorkee for iOS
This app lets you carry out digital signatures for authentication as well as for documents. It uses the secure memory in the phone for creating and storing private keys. Through the xorkee key router system it lets you connect to a wide range of applications.
Checksum : c9e9a4cbc60a0c1f5a574159119f9136
xorkee for Mac
Similar to the windows version of xorkee this allows you to use your cryptographic tokens on you Mac for digital signatures and for connecting to a huge range of xorkee enabled applications.
Checksum : a5fb378a440b5fd8d45cc8532879fa50
xorkee Wand
An extension to Odyssey AltaSigna that facilitates signing and encryption by just point and click on Microscoft Windows. Works with a wide range of file and signature formats including the Indian Income Tax returns. Offers a folder signing feature as well.
Checksum : bff0d05db4dc52a47eeaecd485000bc6
PuTTY-xkey is a xorkee enabled version of the popular SSH and telnet client PuTTY. It strengthens SSH user authentication by using xorkee-based keys and provides simplicity, key protection and user mobility. The source code will soon be made available from this site.
Checksum : 15b31d0bb110db2a6f1d4917f8ca60d9

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